Established in 2013 Singapore, Jtech Automation Pte Ltd deals with innovative F&B Food Automation as well

as factory Robotics Automation worldwide.They are able to customized robotics automation to your food business,

be it an automated sushi conveyor belt, a self marinate, self grill automated yakitori machine, sushi machine or

a robotic automated ice-cream maker which serve you ice-cream with toppings to your likes With F&B Technology.

Whatever the need for food service automation or using robotics to solve certain issue, Jtech Automation is capable

to deliver. Partnering with Suzumo, Jtech also distribute Automated Sushi Machine for sushi making and processing.

Having manufactured sushi conveyor belt system for Japanese restaurant, other food operators eventually saw the

solution to their man-power issue. Thus a moving conveyor belt system is no longer exclusive for Japanese food but

for all other cuisine. Automation has changed the landscape of the food industry to improve efficiencies for food

preparation. As a results, companies like Jtech see the needs and thus offers F&B Robotics, automation services

and likewise customized F&B Robotics and F&B Automation Solutions.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred total automation solutions partner in the region

Our Mission

To assist all clients with innovative automations to improve their production, productivity, efficiency and

quality with excellent service experience for all